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I got a copy of 'Discount Armageddon' by Seanan McGuire, it's an urban fantasy novel based around cryptids. Good fun. The main bad guys are a secret society of Christian hunters called The Covenant of St George who have vowed to wipe out all crytpids and the protagonist is a member of a family who used to belong to that secret society but left several generations ago when they realised that cryptids are just fellow beings trying to survive, now they're using their secret hunter/assassin skills to protect them.

Originally Posted by Crius of CoH View Post
On the plus side, I procured a paperback copy of Charles Stross' The Annihilation Score, the most recen - what? another one came out last year? and there's a new one due out this month?! How did I fall so far behind?
I'm a big fan of that series too but I'm also a few books behind. They're awesome but having worked for the government in several departments myself I also struggle to get through all the bureaucracy-speak.
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