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I discovered I'd somehow missed one volume of Iain M. Banks' Culture novels, so I got Surface Detail from the library and finished it last week. Yet another good entry, though a bit saddening to know that no more will be forthcoming.

On the plus side, I procured a paperback copy of Charles Stross' The Annihilation Score, the most recen - what? another one came out last year? and there's a new one due out this month?! How did I fall so far behind? - the, uh, first of the Laundry series of Lovecraftian bureaucratic secret agent novels that isn't from the viewpoint of Bob Howard. Very enjoyable, although as a reader of all of the previously published novels, novelettes and short stories in the series, I am getting a tad tired of the repeated references to matrix management and associated bureaucracy-speak. Very minor quibble, and I am aware it's necessary for readers who have dived into the series late. A proud addition to my collection.
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