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Finished Barrayar. Liked it a lot even though I knew which characters were going to live or die based on the later books. I think somebody at one point asked if Bujold was interested in doing a prequel set during the Mad Emperor Yuri stage and she declined due to "I would feel miserable writing it, and you would be miserable reading it". I tend to agree, although itís more because getting a sympathetic POV seems like it would be much harder. Aral would have been too young to have any agency and Piotr is justÖnot very sympathetic. He deeply wanted Miles to die in replico. Spending a whole bookís worth of Piotrís viewpoint would be rough. I also noticed that Bothariís personality has some similarities to Markís in terms of their responses to severe stress. I wonder if that was intentional by Bujold.

I started up Marie Brennanís Tropic of Serpents. This book is a second-world no-magic fantasy that is written in the style of a Victorian naturalistís memoir. IIRC, Brennan was exulting about winning the cover lottery and Todd Lockwood's art is fantastic. Brennan tries to put in a few bits of sci-babble to explain how dragons can take flight but doesnít dwell on it too much. She knows that wonít *cough* fly. And since there is no magic, I just have to doggedly ignore the square-cube law. I also noticed that these dragons have six limbs, counting their wings, and am curious as to whether Brennan is planning on putting the dragons in a different phylogenetic branch. The cover for the fifth book clearly demonstrates the development of wings from the middle limb pair. Assuming the classification system is similar to the Linnaean, these dragons clearly canít be tetrapods and could be in a more distant branch of the chordates or could be in a different phylum that developed a spinal column by convergent evolution.
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