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I just got a different version of the Yolanda Bear story in my inbox. The person who forwarded it to me is not Heather, but the email didn't have the usual long list of fwds, so I don't know who Heather is.

Hi all,

I just got off the phone with a sweet friend that is going through some major hard circumstances right now (of her own). However, she just found out that one of her best friends in San Antonio, Yolanda Bear, had a daughter at Virginia Tech that was killed yesterday. Yolanda, her husband and eight year old daughter managed to get an emergency flight out to Virginia and were trying to hurry to get loaded up and go to the airport. In the midst of backing the car in the driveway her husband accidentally ran over their 8 year old daughter and she died as well. Yolanda is in hospital under sedation at the moment. Donā€™t know about the husband. My friend is trying to get down there to be with her asap but, as I said, has her hands full of difficulties herself here at home and feels very helpless! I would appreciate your prayers for this family. They are believers. My friend had the privilege of leading the student at Tech to the Lord in 2nd grade. My heart just breaks for them.

Cammy or Becky, if you could pass this on to our church contacts, that would be great.

Hug your family!

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