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Comment: I received the following email today. I just hope you will tell
me it is not true...

Y'all...this is not an Internet rumor or bad nephew in College
Station, Tx just called his mama (my sister) to ask her to pray for a San
Antonio woman and her family who are friends of my nephew and his
wife...The woman's name is Yolanda Bear. This is what my sister Aimee just
wrote me:

>>>.... She (Yolanda Bear) and her family lost a daughter in the shooting
at Virginia Tech and were packing to go there...and were naturally very
distraught...(I don't think their daughter's name has been released to the
press yet.) The husband, in backing up the car so that they could more
easily pack, accidentally ran over their other daughter, age 8 who died.
My heart is aching as I write this! We ask, where was God in all of this
suffering, and the answer is that he was (and is) right there with that
family, but please ask for angels to hold them up as they go through this
horror. >>>

Please pass this along to all those you know who really pray for people in
need. They say God never gives you more than you can handle, but this San
Antonio family will need the prayers for a nation; the prayers of the
entire world to get through this with any resemblance of sanity. As one
electronic journalist said on TV last night..."This is the 9/11 of school
slayings." And now this added grief for what is left of this family...

If I haven't told each of you lately . . . I love you.

Thanks in advance for your prayers...
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