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Originally Posted by J.G. Walker View Post
while I remember liking it--and more precisely, admiring Herbert's world-creating--
To me the world-creating part I found most impressive were the interspersed bits of material outside the direct narrative that were supposedly histories and other written materials of the Dune-galaxy. These reveal so much and explain the whole conception, for the most part.

I also enjoyed that he seemed to have thought through the exact physical and time situations and relationships for the various scenes to have happened, both within themselves and between the various scenes.

One problem which is perhaps inevitable is that between the concept of Paul as protagonist-hero and that what he accomplishes is not at all heroic in the sense of making a better world, but only in that he survives and the Fremen conquer all. There is not enough revelation given in the first book as to why he is so ambivalent about and eventually turns from the role of emperor (sorry, that may have been in a later book - I read 4-6 of them and some details have gotten mixed in the 30+ years since).
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