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I've been there, several times. Trust me, you can burn there, badly and quickly, especially if you take a bath in the Dead Sea and don't shower off the salt water, which then dries to tiny crystals which becomes tiny lenses which give tiny blisters.

Even without the salt water, it's easy enough to burn. I looked like the opposite of a skinhead, I had no skin on my head, and that was just an hour or so when I forgot to wear my hat (the rest of the body had sunscreen).

500 m more air simply does not provide that much protection. Heck, we who live far from the equator gets more extra air than that, simply due to the angle of the sun, which is far lower on the horizon, and we can sure as hell burn up here as well. A few hours on a nice summer day without protection is all it takes. I've done that as well. Music festival in the summer, once again, forgot the hat. I probably should staple the hat to the head, would be less painful...

So, no, it's fake, fake, fake. I kinda wish it wasn't, though, as those burns where quite painful.
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