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Originally Posted by dfresh View Post
My wife posted a picture on Facebook of our 5 year old daughter dying yarn, while only wearing shorts. It was reported as offensive and removed by Facebook due to the nudity. Now my wife is wondering who would report a photo of a topless 5 year old, and if they would have if it had been a photo of our son instead.
A few years ago I was at a park by a lake and there was a little girl, probably 5 or younger, playing in the water wearing only shorts. I have to admit a felt a little bit awkward. I mean, I know logically there's no difference between a 5 year old girl's chest and a 5 year old boy's chest (And now that I think about it for all I know it might have been a boy with long hair), and I don't believe there was anything wrong with it, but it's just a lifetime of living in a society that says girls' chests should be covered up.