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Originally Posted by Dasla View Post
I did get a few good crops of cherry tomatoes before the plants died.
Some varieties of tomatoes are determinates: they grow to a given size (different for different varieties), set their crop and ripen it over a short period of time, and then they're done.

If you want long-term production from the same tomato plant, you want indeterminate varieties, which keep on growing and setting fruit until something kills them (around here, usually frost, but accumulated disease organisms will do it too.) As most indeterminates eventually get quite tall, though, I don't know how well they do in pots; though with a large enough pot and a trellis I expect there are some that will work.

IME, indeterminates tend to have better flavor; but there are a whole lot of things that affect tomato flavor, and you pretty much have to experiment to find out what tastes best under your growing conditions.

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