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Originally Posted by purpleiguana View Post
Flaws with the comment in the OP:

Homosexuals aren't the only ones who participate in anal sex.
Not all homosexuals participate in anal sex.
A condom doesn't know what hole it's been put into.

I could maybe see that components in certain lubricants more commonly used in anal sex might weaken a condom more than KY jelly (or generic knock-offs), but that would be a condom + lubricant = breakage scenario more than it would be a condom + anal sex = breakage scenario.
The first two are certainly flaws. The last one, though... a condom might not know what hole it is in, but it does know how much resistance or friction that hole generates. Anal sex in general may be more likely to tear a condom because of the amount of resistance, and where the resistance is (mostly around the entrance as opposed to evenly distributed.
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