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Originally Posted by matches View Post
Which again, as it is derived from cellulose (at least what used to be called cellophane was) it is entirely edible (though indigestable).

However, I do like twinkies, when they are fresh...although they have a long shelf life, near their sell by date, you really don't get your monies worth.

IF you pick one up however, right after you see the stocker put them on the self, snatch em up, you'll find they tastes like a sticky sweet dream.
When my daughter was younger, we were at a birthday party and the cake was really cute - it was a sunflower, made of a one layer round chocolate cake covered in Kisses for the center, and Twinkies for the petals. Another mom and I said, "boy, those Twinkies look good, don't they?" (I hadn't had one since the Johnson administration.) The mom in charge said "oh, please, have one!" so we did...and then said to each other, "you know, these just...aren't that good."

Dunno if they weren't fresh or if I'm just a food snob. (Well, I am a food snob, so that could be it. Yes, I'm a food snob. I admit this ugly truth!)
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