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I've always wondered how the shroud, of all the fake relics floating around medieval Europe, the shroud managed to persist.

I'm thoroughly convinced it's a medieval fake. I read Joe Nickell's book, which is quite compelling, especially for his refutation of the idea that medieval artistic techniques didn't include anything that would create the shroud. Before I read the book, I, as a Jew, didn't think there was anything miraculous about the shroud, or that it was used on the one and only Jesus, but I was willing to entertain ideas that it could have been older than medieval, or could have been "accidentally" created in some way-- ie, that it could have at one point been someone's burial shroud. But since reading Nickell's book, I don't think it's anything but a forged medieval relic made for the express purpose of wringing money from the peasantry.

Part of the problem, IMHO, is that people who study the shoud have immense knowledge of the shroud itself, but very little in general about the middle ages, or about art and fabrication.

Just as a small example, they seem never to know that making monument rubbings with cloth or cloth paper and charcol or rose madder was a popular medieval past-time, and one of the few economical ways of having a copy of a work of art before photography.
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