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Woman: Hey.
Man: How are you?
W: Not bad. My neighbour's at his computer again. Naked of course.
M: Whatz wrong with being naked at the computer? LOL
W: RU naked now?
M: Yeah he he he
W: OMG he's going at it right now.
W: I wish hed mow his lawn too.
M: Yeah well my lanw is geting long too
M: *Lawn
W: At least hes cute
M: what do u mean going at it
W: hes palying with himself
M: huh who isnt tho
W: At least he got new drapes last wekend
W: *Weekend
M: new drapes?
M: What colour? Purple?
W: Yeah how did u know?
M: uhh lucky guess BRB
W: k
W: He closed his drapes LOL
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