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A true story from real life (I know it's true because it happened to a friend ). He was once standing on an underground platform somewhere in London when he was approached by an elderly Japanese gentleman who asked him how to get to Bank station. The gentleman explained that he had been going around for several hours never reaching Bank, because everey time he had asked for help the askee had pointed in some arbitrary direction and told him to go that way. My friend told the elderly Japanese that he had turned to the right person as he, my friend that is, wasn't English and thus able to say if he didn't know (the English are much to polite to admit such a thing), and he did indeed know how to get there. He told the gentleman that he was on the right platform and that he could take any train from there and eventually reach his destination.

When the next train, with the Japanese on board, left the platform he was standing by the door bowing very deeply in a thank you towards my friend who suddenly discovered the station name on the wall - Bank.
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