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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
So the bit about the shovers-on is factual, then? They still have those in Japan, although it's so that they can fit more people on the metro, rather than to help slow passengers. A bit less subtle than "Please move down inside the carriage", but more effective - they can fit another ten people or so inside what you'd think was a full London tube carriage by this method.

I didn't realise they'd ever had those in London, though.
Yes, they really did have porters that shoved (or rather "helped") passengers onto trains in the early decades of the LU! It wasn't because of volume of passengers, but because Victorian Londoners were used to the more leisurely pace of boarding mainline trains and had to learn to hurry aboard the underground trains (a whole minute was allocated to stopping at stations and that was a culture shock to the dawdling Victorians who were accustomed to trains waiting at platforms for several minutes).

The Subterranean Railway is a fascinating read (though being a bit trainspotterish I am naturally biased). I've read the history of the LU from the technological/engineering perspective and this gives the human/social perspective.
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