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Originally Posted by Tarquin Farquart View Post
Maybe, but I'm suspicious about this being true.
Which is why it's a UL. I know I left you with a nearly full bottle of Stoly and a 3/4 full bottle of Kahlua, but I did state it was a UL!

Harrassed porters, similarly clad old ladies in voluminous skirts ... all of those lent it plausibility at the time.

There was another UL in the book about a young couple on a crowded platform. Having become somewhat separated by the throng, the young lady fainted and was helped by a chivalrous passenger while the young man gave aid to another young lady who suffered an attack of the vapours. Only when the young couple reached their destination did they discover they had been victims of clever pickpockets. In a version of the UL that was turned into a music hall song, the couple's entire saving towards their wedding had been stolen and they were unable to wed for several years.

It's interesting to read ULs from almost 150 years ago and compare them to modern ones - similar themes and fears.
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