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Icon402 Last House on the Left

Okay I did a search for this, but I'll I came up with was the Amityville house and by a lesser extent, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Last House On The Left was a movie done in the 80's by Wes Craven. It's a movie about two girls who go to a concert in New York city only to be captured by thee psycho men and a crazy woman. Through amazing coincidence the attackers bring the two girls out into the country and park their car only feet away from the drive way of one of the girls house. They then proceed to take both of the girls into the forest and rape, torture, and kill them. Not knowing that one of the girl's house is about a mile away from where the attackers are, they wash the blood off and knock on the door and are invited to stay the night until a tow truck can come and get their broken down car. The parents figure out somehow that these people attacked and killed their daughter, and enact their revenge.

At the beginning of this movie, it says that these events are based on true facts. It all seems way too "perfect" to be based on a true story, but I mean stranger things have happened right? Anyone know the validity of this story?
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