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Actually, the Nazi colors would be red, black and white. The black hakenkreuz--aka, swastika--was on a white circle layered on a red background.
Also, it should be noted that the Imperial German flag was a black-white-red horizontal tricolor. And that flag was simply a continuation from the North German Confederation flag.

There have been other flags using red and black with NO connection to Nazism: The Haitian flag under the Duvalier regimes was a simple black-red vertical bicolor; the Albanian flag (red field, black two-headed eagle); most Arab flags (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, UAE, Yemen--all of which also include white; most also feature either green or a design or both); Papua-New Guinea (which also includes the Southern Cross on the black and a bird-of-paradise on the red). It's also worth noting that the modern German flag also incorporates red and black in the current design. There are only two differences between the modern and Imperial flags: first, the modern flag has a yellow/gold stripe while the Imperial had a white; and, second, the order of the stripes (the Imperial flag was black, white, red; the modern is black, red, yellow/gold).
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