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Originally Posted by damian View Post
This can be quite tricky at times: Once, when I was in Bangkok for a Muay Thai tournament, I was at the concession stand waiting to buy a drink. The attendant would not even look at me. When I tried to get her attention, she tersely told me to wait, as the national anthem was playing. Oops. In my defence, it was hard to notice among the usual racket of "music" that is normally played at such events.
Many times while working in bars in Ireland, tourists would continue waltzing when the national anthem started playing at the end of the evening. They were always highly embarrased when they realised and stood to attention.

We also learnt that a lot of tourists offended people by having their photos taken in front of Buddha statues as it's considered disrespectful to have your back to them. And that you shouldn't place statues of Buddha lower than face height (the cleaner of our room explained that when we left a carved wooden Buddha on the coffee table - again he was quite happy to know it would be high enough in it's permanent home. He was also very interested in us having it and whether we were Buddhists - but as there are many Hindu's there expalining that it was going to a house with Hindu God statues, and Catholic Saints didn't seem to phase him).
My aunt worked most of her life as a nurse in Africa. Having been born in Ireland, she had a small leprechaun statue on her bookshelf. But every time the cleaners had been in, they turned it to face the wall as they considered it threatning.

A woman I worked with was born Dutch, and got a shock when in hospital someone brought her a bunch of red and white flowers. They are only for funerals.
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