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Originally Posted by Seaboe Muffinchucker View Post
But your original comment about not having a credit card read more like you thought the idea of someone not having a credit card on them was bunk.

I don't have a credit card, I have never had a credit card. Well actually I did once. I rang the bank for another reason and they asked if I would like one. I thought I would get one for emergencies. I never used it and they wrote to me and asked if I would like to cancel it. I did. This was when I was in a much better financial situation then I am now. I manage pretty well. Don't see how having another card in my wallet would help the situation in any way.

I once went out without my wallet. usually my wallet lives in my backpack but I do take it out when paying bills on-line or for other reasons. I forgot to put it back.

Yes the story is glurge but
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