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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
No, she’s spoken out before saying that Mia Farrow was an abusive mother. Some children in the family agree with her and some don’t. But God forbid someone claim they were abused if you find the timing suspect.
She's never penned a "Mommy Dearest" before. I don't think the timing is a coincidence. You, of course, are free to conclude otherwise. As to the children of the family, only two have ever come forward accusing their mother of anything, the rest of the children have always been supportive. Again that proves nothing - all children experience childhood differently. Including Dylan Farrow. Who also has always spoken up about the abuse she claimed to experience - and did not start doing it in light of the metoo movement, despite the snide claims in this article. Again an article that was written after actors who have worked with Allen finally started distancing themselves from him - and after he failed to get backing for a film. He and his friends would appear to blame the metoo movement for that. But, yeah, coincidence.
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