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I’m really torn on this, I have been convinced in some measure by both sides of the argument as to weather the conviction was desrerved or not. Namely Graham Linneman’s battle on Twitter and the magnificent Jonathan Pie rant from this week.

For the Pie take on it, If accurate, the dismissal of the clause of “Context” by the judge is incredibly worrying.

As with many things these days, there is nuance and multiple issues going on here. The principal of free Speech is one tennant I absolutley agree with, but the offence of “Inciting racial hatred” is absolutley relevant too.

“Causing offence” isn‘t and should not be an offence in itself.

The Pie peice is worth watching for that certain point of view, I recommending watching it but be warned, the language is very strong.

For context, Jonathan Pie is a satirical character created by the actor Tom Walker and co written with Andrew Doyle.

Normally published in weekly rants, he first shot to the public conciousness with the reaction to the elextion of Trump.
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