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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
That is very often not at all what people mean when they say something was just a joke. What they very often mean is that their comments were meant to be read in exactly the way of the literal meaning, but that everyone is supposed to find the literal meaning funny: because attacking whoever is being attacked is supposed to be thought of as funny.
Yes, and this isn't incompatible with what I said, about people very often meaning the opposite of what they said. Since people very often do all sorts of things, they can very often do both, or either of those things. This particular video doesn't seem to me to have been intended to be shared widely or intended to cause hatred or violence to any particular group or individual. It seems to me to fit what I was talking about more closely than it fits the different situation that you were talking about.

From further things I've read, he doesn't seem a particularly decent bloke in other senses either, but a criminal conviction for this isn't something I would feel comfortable defending, either. (He doesn't seem to have been sentenced yet, so the "six months" Steve mentioned is hypothetical at this stage...)
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