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This guy went on Alex Jones?

And he trained this dog to respond to horrific Nazi phrases specifically to piss his girlfriend off.

My interest in other countries laws on freedom of speech just went down to zero, at least in this instance.

This is a WP article, so you may be hitting a pay wall, but I'll quote a few things to support what I stated above.

“I feel in the long run I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said on Jones’s show. “It was clearly satire. It was clearly a joke. I wasn’t setting out to cause any offense to any people. If anything I was wanting people to laugh, and just obviously, it was taken the wrong way.”
There is a link to Alex Jones' show with this guy in the article (I assume, I won't click that BS).

But he’d already defended his actions in a succinct statement on his pug-centered video: “I’m not racist, by the way. I just really, really wanted to [tick my girlfriend] off.”
What a lovely lad.
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