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Woah. I finally read the actual story of the OP and saw a clip of the video. Usually in these cases, it turns out that the person in the headline was, in fact, not convicted for what was in the headline. But this conversation had gone on this far without anyone saying what was the actual alleged crime. So I thought, well, it may be true that he was convicted for a dog trick. Actually, he said very specific and, in my opinion, extremely offensive things (ie alleged hate speech) in that video and trained the dog to respond to those (implying that he said them over and over and over...).

I have no comment on the law one way or the other but the headline grossly misrepresents what happened. (As I said, that's usually the case with this type of "OMG he got arrested for What?" headlines but I do wish someone had mentioned that earlier.) That stupid sitcom is no relation at all. Not even sure why it's been gratuitously added to the conversation. wth

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