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Originally Posted by Jusenkyo no Pikachu View Post
For context: the video is the one aired episode of Heil, Honey, I’m Home!, a British TV series that parodied 1950s dom coms by having Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living next door to a Jewish couple.
Nitpick: It wasn't a series, and was never intended as one. It was a one-off broadcast as part of a set of one-offs... And as you say, if you watch it, it's clear that it's parodying the sit-com structure (in the manner of Viz comic, perhaps) rather than ever taking itself seriously as an actual idea for a series. It's parodying quite a lot of tropes, in fact. It's from the days back in the early 1990s when it seemed that everybody knew what was actually meant by "ironic sexism" and so on - a brief period when it seemed we could take it for granted that we were all on the same side on these things, and that therefore taking the piss out of these tropes wasn't going to be misinterpreted by anybody taking it literally.

It's not particularly funny - at least, as far as I remember from when I watched it a few years ago - but it was never even intended to be a series.
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