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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
I don't know. I've seen a lot of people who keep invoking free speech as a shield from any repercussions after saying something like there's a child sex-trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza place.
Yeah, Im more or less done with the But Free Speech! argument as well, especially since the NFBSKs using it, eagerly long to take away the rights of others. Debate with any of them, is usually something akin to this cartoon. Free Speech! is code for Let me constantly heap abuse on anyone I deem fitting without facing any consequences for it. Dammit, we cant seem to have a discussion about why large swathes of people are undeserving of even the most basic of rights, without everyone getting all emotional about it.

This is diagnostic of the level of overt anti-black racism in the country today. Anti-American and anti-Semitic examples did not upset the students, but an example of racism did," Rouse wrote.
Its almost as though having a human dumpster fire who openly despises anyone who isnt White and cant bring himself to condemn Nazis as President, is causing them to fear for the safety of friends, family, and fellow citizens and said fear, has caused them to be less able to shrug off incidents of racism, casual or otherwise.
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