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Originally Posted by ChasFink View Post
As with any word, the existence of the R-word is not the offense, the directed use of it is. Again, you may disagree, but this is my opinion.
I absolutely disagree with this premise (my bold). I think it's demonstrably wrong.

For hundreds of years this word was used only to enslave, to oppress, to discriminate, and to destroy millions of families and lives. That's why its use alone it considered so offensive. It did not have any other reason to exist until (perhaps because of its repeated use in this way, all the way into the mid-20th century with the excuse that 'gee but the existence of a word an't be bad') it was taken away in an attempt to take back - for themselves some of that meaning. Society in general simply doesn't have the right to use it that way anymore - no matter what the excuse.

(Yet, even if that were not true, it still doesn't mean the word can be used in this way. The existence of the c-word is not necessarily sexist - even though, c'mon, yes, it is - but using it in an example of "what if a man calls all women here ****s?" very well can be, especially if the actual word is used.)

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