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Depending on the context, I think the 'What's worse' question is just as bad as the language he used.

Because if the question was implying that language can't be as harmful as a punch to the face, it's offensively simplistic. 'Sticks and stones...' is a nice sentiment to have if you're a literal child.

A punch to the face often heals more quickly and one fist can't punch an entire community of people in the face at once. Which is worse, indeed?

If he wasn't asking rhetorically, then I retract my complaint. He still didn't have to use the n-word, though. It was bound to alienate some of the students and it's completely superfluous when getting the point across that some language is offensive. I do think there is a place for referencing offensive terminology in an educational setting, but if this attempt was cack-handed enough to drive students out then the professor obviously had an education failure.
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