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My husband and I are apartment-hunting. Over the weekend we looked at several units in a new building that's just opening up. They're pricy, but still within our budget. In terms of location and amenities, the building has everything we want (and a couple ridiculous luxuries we'll probably never use--if anyone's dying to try a golf simulator, you're welcome to come over!) All of the units are very nice, but they all seem to have one trade-off. The smallest ones have a great view but are a little smaller than we'd like; we'd have to replace our couch with one that fits, we'd have to choose between a dining room table and a desk, and we might have to squeeze into one dresser instead of two. The next size up doesn't have a balcony, which is such a stupid thing to complain about but damnit, I like balconies, and so does my cat. He gets hours of entertainment from chasing bugs and chittering at birds out there, and I feel claustrophobic having to take an elevator to go outside. The next size up is huge, with a balcony, but it faces inward and gets very little light. This also feels like a stupid thing to complain about. But I've struggled with depression my whole life, and I've learned that sunshine is crucial for me. So we have some thinking to do, and some staggering first world privilege to reckon with.
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