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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
Would you like them to start killing rabbits, too?
Actually rabbits were introduced to Great Britain by the Normans and have, in the past, actually been treated as a pest that needs to be eliminated... that's why we have myxomatosis.

I think people gave up on that one though, because (unlike grey squirrels) I don't think they're pushing out any indigenous species, it's extremely hard to get rid of them, and any harm they do can be prevented easily enough by other means. (Also, as Skeptic says, they're cute and fluffy and you can eat them). If you've ever seen a rabbit dying of myxomatosis you'll know it's not a pleasant sight, and it doesn't do much to keep them down anyway.

The campus at the University of Essex had quite a lot of rabbits, and there was a myxomatosis outbreak while I was there. All it meant was that there were quite a lot of dying rabbits, in obvious distress. That wasn't an improvement.
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