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Originally Posted by kitap View Post
The lobbies of the hotels we stayed at in Florence and Venice did.
My Italian coworker's eyes cannot roll back into his head enough, when he hears about some of the Swiss narrowmindedness.

Originally Posted by Don Enrico View Post
Toilets at the workplace are gendered in bigger organisations. Small companies - a small office or something like a car repair shop - sometimes have only one toilet. In the past, this fact has been used as an argument why a small repair shop can't possibly take on a woman as an apprentice to become a mechanic, because "where would she go to pee?!?".
Same in many parts of Switzerland.

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Die Capacitrix,
You mean they're debating making the potties on the train itself be reserved for a particular sex? And they expect people of the "wrong" sex to actually go to a less convenient potty, just because they didn't select a seat close enough to the right one?

I've never been on a train, airplane or bus that had anything other than unisex bathrooms.

Found an article in English. New high-speed train to go through the new Gotthard tunnel.
In order to keep passengers occupied and happy on long trips through tunnels, the Giruno also features a range of additional amenities: a 3G/4G mobile communications amplifier, sockets at every seat, large luggage racks and separate toilets for men and women, as well as special toilets for disabled passengers.
And in German
Er wird ab 2019 auf der Gotthardlinie der SBB fahren – und bietet eine interessante Neuerung: Im Giruno wird es «WC-Inseln» geben. Jede Insel besteht aus einem WC für alle, einem WC für Frauen sowie einem Pissoir.
Rough translation: As of 2019 the train will run on the SBB Gotthard line and offers an interesting novelty: In the Giruno train there will be a "bathroom island". Each island offers a bathroom for everyone (actually for disabled), a bathroom for women and a urinal for men.