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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
YMMV, but I would say that the people they are whipping up would be even less likely to think of the practicality of it. The politicians are doing it as a thought-out process, the rabble is reacting solely on emotion.
The politicians are very likely not interested in the practicality; they're interested in votes. They may even be counting on being prevented by the courts, and/or opponents, from ever having to deal with the practicality. (I strongly suspect that's what happened with the Republicans and the ACA. They didn't have an alternative plan because they didn't expect to need one; they didn't think Trump was going to win either.)

I don't like referring to large blocks of the voting public as "the rabble", or assuming that all of a very large group of people are reacting "solely on emotion" -- let alone that the ones opposing them aren't acting also on emotion. Without emotion, none of us are capable of wanting anything: not justice, and not dinner. But, having said all that: for those who are acting purely on the imagined emotional shock of finding A Man in the bathroom designated for women, it may be useful to call on the emotional shock of imagining themselves having to prove their gender, and their small children's gender, before being allowed to go pee. Or, for that matter, the emotional shock of looking at their tax bill, after their municipality hired enough police to stand outside all the public bathrooms in the city.