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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
Don't a lot of European countries have unisex bathrooms?
Yes and no.

The trains in Switzerland have unisex bathrooms and there is a suggestion to change this. (sorry, no cite)

In the Luzern train station there is a public bathroom, which you have to pay for, which offers individual toilet stalls with fully closing doors and shared hand-washing facilities with urinals through a separate entrance, as the urinals are cheaper.

A restaurant re-opened after a renovation with a unisex WC. There was a lot of drama, partially because it is illegal. (Article in German) The discussion is still going on, the restaurant is still open with only a unisex WC, and this will probably take some time before it gets resolved.

It appears this is not just Luzern, but Swiss-wide, but just for restaurants. Trains aren't covered.

Here in Switzerland I've been to a number of public places where the facilities for women was woefully inadequate, and the women started using the men's room, without anyone blinking an eye. In the U.S. someone might decide to post a guard. Maybe.

(Now that I've typed this, I think I might have written something similar before.)