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I refer the right honorable gentleperson to the answer I gave some moments ago.

First off, you have to remember that ultimately this is about using fear to whip up a group against a visible other that can be vilified. Actual practicality doesn't figure into it.

Then you have to recall that the politicians who do the whipping often have a mindview that jams everyone into pigeonholes with no wiggle room. So anyone who isn't gender normative is also wrong and needs to fix that. For example, they'd probably say that you wouldn't have a problem if you dress in skirts and blouses like a woman is supposed to do (and if you need to wear pants for you job, you aren't in the correct job for a woman).

ETA: I understand the theory behind pointing out the inherit problems in the idea, but if the nasty things it would do to a transgendered person's psyche aren't part of the calculation, I doubt logistical issues would hold sway.