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Originally Posted by gopher View Post
Reading internet comments from supporters of the pipeline seemed to mainly consist of "Who Cares, we don't live there/It's only North Dakota"
Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
Reminds me somewhat of a conversation I once had with a family member who's very much in favor of continued human population growth, but didn't want housing built on a then-open field in his immediate neighborhood.

He said, more or less, 'They should build it somewhere that nobody cares about!' and I said, more or less, 'There's no such place on the planet.'
In fairness, that is one of the tenets of the Right. In addition to “I’ve got mine, get yours,” “Women, minorities, and anyone making less than six figures, is well and truly NFBSKed,” they also believe, “It doesn’t affect me or anyone I care about, so why should I care?”
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