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Ware. Silly name. Leads to much confusion. It is fairly certain that it come the word 'weir', but no-one can prove it. There are plenty of places in the UK with 'ware' in their name and all can point to that part of its name coming from 'weir'. For example there is Wareham meaning a village, or hamlet, next to a weir.

Ware is unusual in that nothing has been added to its name. The best evidence for its origin comes from an entry in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 895 when Alfred the Great built weirs 'on the Lea twenty miles north of London'. The only town from that time that fits that description is Ware - or Hertford as it was then known. Alfred built the weir, by the way, to strand the Viking longships.

The area now occupied by the town has been inhabited since at least 4,000BC and there was a sizeable Roman settlement here. What the Roman town was called no-one knows - or indeed what the town was called before that.
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