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Originally Posted by UrbanLegends101 View Post
Is there a web forum technical basis for this practice? Does it make the site run better?
I think it used to be that 1000 posts was about the point at which the indexing started to cause performance issues.

I don't know whether that's still the case, or whether it's just a convention, though. The board's own search has never been that great, what with the "common words" restriction and the minimum letters per search term; that's understandable with limited server resources and certain amounts of traffic, but the traffic for new posts hasn't been all that high for a while, I'd say, and I don't know whether the software has to index the entirety of each active thread every time. Seems like it shouldn't have to, but these things are far easier said than done.

(I know this from professional experience, from a position where I can see the complaints about indexing from clients, but I'm not in charge of doing it and can also see how complex it is to change, with very little understanding of the complexity from those who are demanding the change. (eta) I'm not talking about message boards here, just indexing for searches in general, so it's not relevant and you should ignore this parenthesis.)