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Yes. Futurists are ridiculous. I mean, for off-planet colonies, particularly colonies outside the solar system, there would have to be a significant economic gain expected prior to undertaking such a monumental enterprise. Easing overpopulation of the Earth, for instance, would be a poor reason to do so as the resources it would take to move even a small amount of people off-planet, even within the solar system, could probably be better spent developing more efficient ways of sustaining life on Earth.

Now, if we could figure out how to produce/contain anti-matter on a large scale, perhaps in a way that cannot be done under the conditions available in our solar system, but would require either a) a more extreme environment (like proximity to a black hole) or b) posed a significant hazard of a catastrophic failure wiping out an entire system, that might be reason enough to colonize some other part of the galaxy...

Out of curiosity, any thoughts on how you could produce antiprotons on a large scale? Apparently positrons may be vented from black holes and neutrons stars (which certainly can't be found in the solar system), but I would imagine the real money would be in antiprotons, if only there were a natural process that generated them on a large scale. Right? Of course, if it could be done, one would wonder why such a colony would even bother hanging out with Earth, especially absent magic faster-than-light communications or travel to keep them in regular contact.

Just asking...
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