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Mouse Stupid questions

Thought someone else would have started a new thread, but I guess it's up to me. You can take me in whatever manner you deem fitting.

I would still like to have my question answered as to whether "Tili Tili Bom" is an actual Russian lullaby or a horror movie theme or creepypasta, but I'm not in a huge rush.

I've started working on guitar again and I've acquired a blister on one of my fingers. I was told that it was okay to take a pin and drain the blister, but I've also heard that's a bad idea. Though I've also heard that if the blister is in a position where it's likely to keep getting irritated, it's okay to drain it. Someone want to help me out?

Though I suppose I can post this in LTTAM: since I'm a violinist, I thought the calluses I already had on my fingers, would make learning guitar a little easier and I wouldn't have to deal with blisters.