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Reflections, in no particular order:
1) Simple math. 20 standard candy canes - peppermint, 20 fruit flavored canes - cherry, raspberry, watermelon and grape. Five of each flavor were eaten. The fifteen left over were all peppermint because there were more of them to begin with.

2) When candy canes became popular for Christmas, people weren't all brushing their teeth three times a day (everyone bushes their teeth three times a day, don't they?) with minty toothpaste. They were using baking soda, tooth powders, or chew sticks and weren't as tired of mint as we have become.

3)The flavors that peppermint goes with and, more importantly, doesn't go with. Toothpaste doesn't go with coffee or orange juice. Who could have orange juice with December breakfast, not to mention lunch and dinner, in Victorian times? The Spanish? The Chinese? Most places a single orange for Christmas was considered a huge treat. While coffee was popular in America, the Irish and the British were tea drinkers, and minty tea is tasty. People drank a lot more water, and if the water wasn't safe, beer or wine. Those Dickensian workhouse children all got their daily ration of beer. I find peppermint schnapps a nice chaser for beer.
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