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Thanks, GM.

-- Firefox tells me that the site linked as being the original article is unsafe. If it's in Russian I couldn't have read it anyway.

The other two articles are clearly describing the same case, and do give names and location. That's not a guarantee that it happened, but does make it seem more plausible. I suspect any further research would have to be done by someone who can read Russian.

I think the first article linked is confused about solanine toxicity, however. To the best of my knowledge, this is a problem caused by eating potatoes that have been exposed to enough light to cause them to prepare to sprout (the potato will turn visibly green, though the color's more obvious on some colors of potatoes than others; if only part of it's green, you can cut off the green part and safely eat the rest. There's also quite a bitter flavor, so even if you don't see the green you're unlikely to eat enough to do damage.)

I doubt that solanine was the gas given off.
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