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I don't feel like watching the video; but I wonder if somebody's got confused with silo gases, which can actually cause that sort of result.

Admittedly, I suppose that if fermenting grain can do it, I expect fermenting potatoes could also give off hazardous gasses. [ETA: and yes, it's possible to get to "instantly fatal", or at any rate fatal within a few breaths, without warning that's noticeable from outside the storage.]

Most people don't have anywhere near a silo's worth of potatoes in their basement, however.

-- but if you're out in farm country, do not ever go into a silo, or for that matter a manure storage pit, without knowing what you're doing. And if someone appears to be passed out in either: do not, absolutely do not, go in there at all. Call emergency rescue people, who will go in there wearing full SCUBA gear.

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