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I'm not a candy cane guy, but I have found that I, and others I know who don't like candy canes, tend to enjoy Peppermint Bark. That's the sheets of chocolate with peppermint candy chunks mixed in. I also really enjoy a cup of cocoa with a good dollop of peppermint schnapps mixed in. My tentative conclusion from this is that chocolate makes everything better.

I do have a little food related research of my own. For Christmas, I make Star Wars shaped chocolates to give out. I make some dark, some milk, and some white chocolate. I have found that there is a general pattern to what people like, with one major exception. Age is a pretty good predictor of the type people want - younger skews more to white, while older skews more to dark. People who say they will take any chocolate generally really want milk chocolate but don't want to make a fuss. With the one exception, people who like dark don't like white and vice versa. Most people will enjoy milk chocolate, even if they prefer one of the others. The one exception is one guy, in the middle of the age range, who likes white and dark, but doesn't really like milk.

I have no idea if this holds outside of my company, but there it is. Happy holidays, all.
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