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Originally Posted by Dr. Dave View Post
One of the contestants said "Peppermint only belongs in toothpaste."
I wonder whether that's why some people don't like it; they think of it as tasting like toothpaste.

I presume however that the reason they put it in toothpaste in the first place is because many people like mint.

FWIW: a) I like mint, in tea, chocolate, candy, etc. and b) I had no idea candy canes even came in fruit flavors, though I suppose it's not surprising that they do.

Originally Posted by Dr. Dave View Post
ETA: A prayer for the holidays and New Year: May our biggest division be fruity cc vs. minty cc.
From your mouth to God's ear!

-- though I'm afraid it would take a god to get us there, at least within the next couple of weeks.
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