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Actually a big thing that makes me happy:
Went to a job interview today for housekeeper. Interviewer noticed that I do have several years experience (not to mention a Specialist/Journeyman degree from the Cleaners Guild of Berlin and Brandenburg) in doing floor care and told me that while I would be overqualified for the job I am interviewing for, it might be that others are looking for a Floor Care professional.
Had an interview then with two managers (the hospital they are expanded and it turned out that one manager alone would be a bit overworked) who were quite excited about someone who knows how to do those floor care stuff, who doesn't want full time but part-time/contingent, is willing to work night shift (I even prefer that), and who can work some weekends. It would be also in the same hospital where my wife works (They are part of OhioHealth which manages several hospitals).
They told me and the HR rep that they want me. Now I'm waiting for the HR rep to call me, to setup the actual paper work, and orientation.