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Chris Pratt seems to be the most commonly floated name. I like him, and would definitely watch him in it, but it seems like a recipe for scheduling conflicts since he is signed on for more GotG, more Jurassic World, and is about the only name being floated for a new Indiana Jones.
Nicholas Hoult would be a good idea. Josh Hutcherson is probably my first choice for the look, and I could see Kit Harrington or Robert Madden pulling it off. Zac Efron would probably do a good job with it (although I don't want or need any ab shots from Han). Heck, even Robert Pattinson could probably pull it off.
I would actually hope for a relative unknown - give some kid with acting chops the break of a lifetime. There was a guy who played young Sam Winchester on Supernatural who would work pretty well. I don't know if he has done anything else.
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