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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
But are they the subjects of sexism because they are actually perceived as being girls? Or are they the subjects of prejudice and sexism too of course because they are being perceived as males who want to be girls? Either way it's still not the same experience.
It might be worse, actually.
Originally Posted by erwins View Post
I don't think assimilation into a culture has anything to do with being "transracial."
I wish I could start the conversation over without using that term. The imperfections in the analogy are, I think, getting in the way of something valid.

So can I frame it a different way?

Is it possible to imprint on someone else's culture? To genuinely feel like you belong to a different group than your race or ethnicity, or even personal experience, would dictate?

I can imagine it happening on a smaller scale, a child wishing they could be a part of a different family on the block, or a person who grows up, marries rich, and pretends they never came from more humble beginnings. Could that become a compelling psychological need that makes you pretend and lie your whole life to fit in, because you have so completely rejected the culture to which you're supposed to belong?

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