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Originally Posted by Blatherskite View Post
Thanks for the clarification, but my response is the same to this comparison. Transgender girls are the subjects of sexism, not just observers of it.
Goodness gracious. Am I being that cryptic? Did you miss this part?
Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
I would also never suggest that transgender people don't deal with a lion's share of sexism.
I agree with you Blatherskite. I agreed before this thread began, and I agree with you now. No one is arguing with you on that point, including me.

Ellestar, I'm sorry I missed your earlier post.

Originally Posted by Ellestar View Post
The issue, though, is that sex and gender isn't a social construct, it's a biological reality that can be changed at physical levels and transitioned to.
That is true, to a degree. I do believe some of what we identify as feminine or masculine is a social construct (makeup, clothing, jobs, toys, colors, mannerisms, and social behavior, to name a few). But I agree with you that it isn't a perfect analogy.

It isn't a preposterous one, though. When people are raised from day one in an unhealthy, destructive social construct, where even their birth certificate identifies which cultural echelon they have been born into, is it absurd to postulate that an individual growing up in a mixed family might have a deeply rooted psychological rejection of their superficially imposed identity? We can call race artificial, we can KNOW it's artificial, but the fact that so many people in our world refuse to act like it is affects us all to some degree, and it is lodged so far into our personal identities that when one of us breaks out of the construction, it makes the news.

I'd pretty much guarantee you that people would find a way to discriminate against "transracial Whites" in pretty much the same way they discriminate against Blacks now.
Agreed, if they could tell. And whether or not they could is where it becomes a matter of technology.
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