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Originally Posted by Ellestar View Post
So, no, there is no such thing as being transracial.

I'll even say for myself, when I grew up in Texas, I had a lot of Mexican Americans as friends. I love Mexican culture. I love the food, I love the language, and the traditions. I hate the way they can be discriminated against and would stand with them at every opportunity. There were times where I wished that culture was mine. But it's not because it's based on history and heritage. It's not something I can have.
Aside from the specific case in the OP, which involves not only an attempt at changing cultures but also significant deception, plus accusations of serious misbehavior which apparently never happened:

Are you saying that you think no one can ever, under any circumstances, be adopted into a different culture as an adult? that, say, a person who at the age of 20 or 25 marries a person of a different culture, or forms a different type of relationship (sisterly, or grandsonlike, or whatever) that results in that person being accepted into a family of a different culture; and who then lives in that culture for the next fifty years or longer -- can never be considered part of that culture, and must be living in it only as an outsider and interloper?
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